If you have sort the sanctuary of bankruptcy and you are now a discharged bankrupt who is thinking of applying for finance, you should concentrate on building up you credit by ensuring that:

  • You have secure and permanent employment
  • If you are self-employed, that you can produce the last two years financial statements
  • You have a minimum of unsecured liabilities as possible
  • Conduct all your financial affairs with an excellent conduct for instance if you are paying rent through a rental estate agent, you are able to produce a rental ledger to show that rents were being paid on time
  • You are able to provide a sound and transparent explanation regarding the situation that led you into bankruptcy (e.g. critical illness etc)
  • You provide evidence as part of the application to indicate that this bankruptcy was a one off unfortunate situation and it was well beyond your means to avoid, and that this will not re-occur again

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Common Questions

How long should I be discharged from bankruptcy?

Lenders change their policy from time to time, regardless of the duration of your discharge, if you are seeking finance, contact us for an obligation free assessment

How much deposit do I need to purchase a property?

In most instances you will need between 20% to 30% plus cost (cost differs for various lenders, we can only give these figures after we have assessed your finance request)

Have people with discharge bankruptcy history got loans before?

Yes, we have helped clients in the past who have been discharged from bankruptcy. Because, every client is different, a full assessment is required to be undertaken in accordance with our responsible lending criteria

Am I able to borrow funds even if I am not discharged from bankruptcy?

We are able to guide you in the right direction

In general, lenders have tougher credit policies when it comes to assessing applications for borrowers with credit impaired history. However, with a lower loan-to-value ratio, in most cases lenders will consider loans only up to 80% if the application is successful and they will also charge a higher interest rate. Some lenders will also charge a risk fee on these loans.

If, you are a discharged bankrupt who is seeking finance. Do not look any further. Please visit our website today via the "Contact Us Page".

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