Have You Had A Default Listed In Your Credit File?

If so, the hard line that mainstream lenders take for even the smallest misdemeanor makes it near impossible for people with even a small blemish on their credit file to get a bad credit mortgage loan or any other finance. Some mainstream lenders do make it tough getting a non-conforming home loan or any other finance if, for various reason you do not fit into the mainstream lenders strict lending guidelines.

What Are The Factors That Determine My Eligibility For A Bad Credit Mortgage / Non Conforming Home Loan?

The main factors that will ultimately determine whether you will be accepted by the specialized lenders will be:

  • Your Income
  • Nature of your Employment
  • The Loan-to-Value Ratio (LVR)

Other factors that the specialized lenders take into consideration when making an informed credit decision are:

  • Whether the default is paid, unpaid or cleared out
  • Whether the court judgment has been finalized or pending decision
  • Whether you have been discharged from Part 9 Agreement and whether the Part 9 Agreement is still in force
  • The date of bankruptcy and whether you have been discharged from the bankruptcy
  • The reason or the situation that led to the listing of either default, court judgment, Part 9 Agreement or the Bankruptcy
  • The date of listing
  • The date of the payment of default or the date of the finalization of the court judgment
  • Accumulated savings and the period of savings history

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How Can Singh Finance Help You in Getting Bad Credit Home Loans?

Fortunately, if you have experienced bad credit rating as a result of any of the following misdemeanors. Our teams of professionally qualified finance brokers who have a wealth of experience are more than capable to assist you in obtaining bad credit home finance or a mortgage loan.

  • Default
  • Court Judgment
  • Part 9 Agreement
  • Bankrupt
  • Discharged Bankrupt

When assessing your bad credit home finance or mortgage loan request, our finance brokers will:

  • Will look past your credit file and they will discuss with you your credit blemish
  • Require you to be fully transparent, and you will need to provide a thorough explanation of your credit misdemeanor
  • Be upfront with you by informing you that the interest rates are higher for clients with blemished credit history

The above initial assessment by our expert finance brokers will put you in a better situation when the finance broker is in the process of submitting your finance request to bad credit lenders, for approval.

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So, if you have an adverse credit history for various reasons and to arrange an obligation free assessment. Please contact us today or visit our website via the "Contact Us" page, and one of our finance brokers will make an appointment to see you at a suitable time and place convenient to you, and will help you to get your non conforming home loans or your bad credit mortgage loan.