A Short-Term Business loan gives businesses an alternative to traditional financing and is accessible to a wide-range of business types. Many business owners are often faced with financial difficulty at some point, and they may require cash very fast. Because they may be faced with insolvency, creditor action or they may just need working capital.

Do You Want Money for Your Business?

We can offer your business with Short-Term, fast UNSECURED finance! We have an innovative lending method from 3-9 Months with terms that work with your cash flow.

What Is Short-Term Business Loans?

A Short Term Business Finance is a business loan that is generally taken out for a short period of time and has a pre-defined exit date. Many business owners have decided to access a short-term commercial loan for any number of the following reasons:

  • Cash flow crisis - insufficient funds available to meet immediate and urgent expenses
  • Business debt becomes due and there are insufficient funds available to pay out debt
  • Start-up business costs
  • Tax debts
  • Superannuation obligations
  • Emergency business trips
  • Take advantage of business opportunities when alternative fund is not readily available
  • Expansion to existing business operations
  • Expansion to existing business premises

End your Urgent Need for Working Capital with Short-Term Business Loans

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Out A Short-Term Business Loan?

There are many benefits of taking out a Short-Term Business Loan and they include:

  • FREE Consultation
  • Approval in 24 hours
  • No financials required (i.e. Tax Return or Bas not required)
  • UNSECURED - No risk to your assets
  • A 95% Approval Rate
  • Simple applications with no complicated paperwork or business plans
  • Use the CASH for any business purpose (such as Tax & BAS Payments)

How Can My Business Qualify For A Short-Term Business Loan?

Your business must have:

  • Minimum Turnover of a t least $10,000 per month deposited through the trading account
  • Regular deposits (e.g. daily, same day weekly)
  • Been operating for a minimum of 12 months
  • A minimum number of negative balances and dishonors on the account
  • Customers who operate in a business to business environment
  • Customers that have a high percentage of cheque and Direct Credit payments

How Can Singh Finance Help You?

We are an established and well respected finance brokerage firm, who prides itself on the fact that we have assisted many of our clients with numerous business financial strategies and solutions, to their needs. Our qualified and expert finance brokers will help you to regain that much needed sense of empowerment and control that will drive your business to perform at its optimum again.

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So if you are a business owner and you require cash fast, then look no further and let us at Singh Finance arrange a Short-Term Business Loan for you. Please contact us or visit our website via the "Contact Us" page, and one of our expert finance brokers will make an appointment to see you at a time and place convenient to you.