Commercial Finance is a source of funding available to businesses that will enable a business to cope with the fluctuations in cash flow.

What are My Options When Considering Commercial Finance?

You will need to consider the following options when deciding on getting commercial loan for your business:

  • Your business may need finance if you decide to expand the business operations and purchase business assets (e.g. equipment, machinery and buildings etc)
  • You will have to decide on the type of acceptable security you want to provide (e.g. residential, commercial, industrial or specialised securities)
  • The securities taken will consist of Registered 1st or 2nd mortgages, over fixed property
  • Loan type - (i.e. Interest Only or Interest plus Principal)
  • The maximum loan size is dependent on the loan type and structure
  • Maximum loan to value ratio percentage (LVR%)
  • You may need commercial finance for a short term or a long term business loan

Quick Commercial Loans for your Business

Short-Term Business Loans

If your business requires working capital or is at an important stage of development that requires a capital input, then a short term business loan may provide an effective solution. A short-term business loan is a commercial loan that is taken out for a short period and has a pre-defined exit date.

Businesses may decide to access a short-term loan for any number of reasons including:

  • Cash flow crisis - insufficient funds available to meet immediate and urgent expenses
  • Business debt becomes due and there are insufficient funds available to pay out debt
  • Start-up business costs
  • Tax debts
  • Superannuation obligations
  • Emergency business trips
  • Take advantage of business opportunities when alternative fund is not readily available
  • Expansion to existing business operations
  • Expansion to existing business premises

Long-Term Business Loans

Businesses contemplating purchasing a commercial property to either operate their own business or to create a commercial property portfolio require a longer-term loan.

Why Choose Singh Finance?

It is always advisable to start the finance application process with Singh Finance as soon as possible, because:

  • We know what the standard requirements for commercial finance are
  • We can accommodate a much faster credit decision for you, provided that we receive from you all the required documents as soon as possible
  • We can calculate how much you can borrow
  • We can calculate your interest rate and the monthly loan repayment amount.
  • Our team of expert commercial finance brokers have successfully helped a number of clients with commercial loan finance
  • We know the numerous lenders credit policies and procedures, as we deal with them on a regular daily basis

While you concentrate on getting your commercial property or business equipment, our team of professionally qualified finance brokers will:

  • Look at your overall financial position, and they will establish a "budget" for you
  • Eliminate the stress and time it takes in running around trying to find your own finance package solution and at the right price

Contact Singh Finance Today

For an obligation free assessment and, to arrange a pre-approval for your commercial finance, please contact us today on 0424 190 908 or visit our website and select "Enquire Online Now" by completing our "Contact Us" page, and one of our professionally qualified and expert finance brokers will contact you, to make an appointment at a time and place convenient to you.