Buying a car for either commercial or personal use, can be very time consuming for you. This is because you need to spend as much time as possible to find the right vehicle and also at the right price.

Advantages of Using Singh Finance To Arrange A
Pre-Approval on Car Loan for You

  • You will have the peace of mind knowing that your car loan is already pre-approved
  • You will know the required conditions of your pre-approval
  • With a pre-approval, you will have the upper hand when negotiating the sale price with the dealer
  • You will know your budget upfront
  • You will know your interest rate and the monthly car loan repayment
  • Your car finance application will already be assessed by an accredited broker and in accordance with the responsible lending criteria
  • We will look at your overall financial position before we get you the car finance

Get Pre-Approved Car Loans for Buying your Next Car

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

I have a recent default listing, can I still obtain car loan?

It is difficult to obtain car loan with defaults. However, some lenders will consider all applications on a case-by-case basis. The specialized lenders will also take into consideration when the default was listed, when the default was paid out and the reason for the default or the situation that has led you to default.

What documents do I need to provide for car loans?

For PAYG employed applicants - copies of recent 2 Pay Slips and the Group Certificate for last financial year are required. For self-employed applicants - copies of the last 2 years Tax Returns including full Financials.

How much I can borrow?

This depends on your income and current liabilities including living expense. We use a loan servicing calculator to find your eligibility.

Can I buy a car privately or from a dealer?

You can purchase a car from either source as long as the vehicle is considered as acceptable security by the lender.

Why Choose Singh Finance To Help You Find A Car?

Our service is not restricted to arranging car finance only; we can also assist you to find a car at the best possible price. The system we use is run through a well-known financial institution and we, as a licensed finance broker, have access to this service. To provide you with our service, please contact our team of finance professionals and we will provide you with the necessary requirements to arrange car loan for you.

Contact Our Car Finance Brokers Today

For an obligation free assessment and to arrange pre-approval for you, please visit our website via the "Contact Us" page and one of our expert car finance brokers will make an appointment to see you at a convenient time and place.

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