Our Finance Brokers are all professionally qualified experts, who are committed to providing the best financial service solutions to Singh Finance clients

Singh Finance is a well-established and well-recognized finance brokerage firm providing a range of financial service solution packages, which includes:

Home LoansHome Loans Car FinanceCar Loans Loan to Consolidate your DebtsDebt Consolidation Loans Commercial FinanceCommercial Loans
Development FinanceDevelopment Finance Medico LoansMedico Finance Pharmacy LoanPharmacy Loans Business Equipment FinanceEquipment Finance
Loan for Buying Truck and TrailersTruck Finance Best Insurance SolutionsInsurance

Our finance brokers are all qualified professionals who are expert at listening to you, and understanding your needs and objectives. They will methodically analyze your financial situation, before they undertake a review and research of your individual needs & requirements. They will refer your individual finance proposal to a range of panel lenders that Singh Finance has direct access to, and they will provide you with the best possible financial solution and outcomes.

Our expert finance brokers at Singh Finance are encouraged to continuously study economic trends and changing credit policies for the various lenders, so that they are always fully conversant with all lenders' credit policies and guidelines. Their priority is to research the best product that suits your needs, and ensure that the best financial service solution is always provided to you.

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Advantages of dealing with a professionally qualified and expert finance broker at Singh Finance

  • All of our finance brokers are professionally qualified experts
  • All of our team members have many years experience within the financial services industry
  • Singh Finance has both internal and external audit reviews performed on the business operations, to ensure the finance brokers are complying with the National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) Act and/or finance laws in the jurisdiction of you (the consumer)
  • Singh provides an all round financial service package solution to their clients residing in Australia; and to Australian citizen clients who reside and work overseas
  • Singh Finance deals with lenders who have differing products and niches to meet your needs
  • Our finance brokers do not only engage in mortgage brokering, but they also offer other lending products (e.g. car finance, equipment finance, commercial property finance, private lending, development finance, etc.)
  • Singh Finance is a licensed, finance brokerage firm with membership to both MFAA and COSL
  • Our services are mostly free however, if we do have to charge clients, we will always advise clients during our first appointment/consultation
  • Singh Finance provides easy access to its service via email, a telephone call and website
  • You do not have to allocate your valuable time to travel to us – we can assess your application via the telephone, and we will send you any information via email
  • All enquiries to us are handled proficiently and efficiently, and we always ensure that we respond to your enquiry within 24 hours of receiving the enquiry

Singh Finance can help you find a Solution to any of the following situations

  • Are you a business owner and you do not have your financial reports completed?
  • Are you looking for a no deposit/low deposit loan, and you also have access to guarantor assistance?
  • Do you want to refinance your existing home loan and consolidate your debts?
  • Do you want to construct a residential dwelling?
  • Do you want to change your car, and you need finance?
  • Are you thinking of expanding your business and seeking equipment finance?
  • Do you need personal finance (e.g. boat, holiday, wedding, caravan, motorcycle, solar power, etc.)?
  • Are you a truck driver and you are thinking of changing your truck?
  • Do you live in a rural area and you require an agricultural/farm loan?
  • Do you have a mortgage and you want to discuss loan/mortgage protection insurance?
  • Do you have comprehensive car insurance?
  • Do you have suitable building and/or content insurance?
  • Are you a pharmacist looking to purchase a suitable pharmacy business?
  • Are you a medical professional looking for a medico finance loan?

Our expert finance brokers can also assist you with any of the following Wealth Creation opportunities

  • Are you thinking of purchasing investment property and want to structure your finances to give you the maximum benefit?
  • Are you an experienced investor who has several properties, and you have finances with more than one institution, and you want to re-structure your finances?
  • Are you seeking home equity release finance to assist in the purchase of investment properties?
  • Do you require any assistance with property investment opportunities?

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Regardless of your financial situation and for any Special Discounts, and the Best Interest Rates available, please seek our professional advice and let one of our qualified and experienced finance brokers assist you with your finance proposal.

To arrange an obligation free assessment and to make an appointment, please "Contact Us" and one of our expert finance brokers will meet you at a convenient time and place.

Common questions frequently asked by consumers

  • What is my borrowing capacity?
  • What is the amount of deposit that I need to obtain a residential home loan?
  • How long do I need to keep my deposit in my saving account before I can qualify for a residential home loan?
  • Will my credit card limit impact my borrowing capacity?
  • Can I still obtain a home loan if I have some issues around my employment?
  • What are my options if I want to save on lender's mortgage insurance?
  • Can I get a pre-approved residential home loan and how long is the pre-approval valid for an owner occupied home loan?
  • Am I still able to obtain approval for a residential home loan if I recently changed my employer?
  • Can I still get a home loan even if I have Default?
  • Can I still get a home loan if I am a Discharged Bankrupt?
  • What options do I have as a contractor who needs to purchase work related vehicles?
  • What do I need for a car finance loan?
  • What income documents do I need to provide for Self Employed Low Doc finance?
  • Can you help me to decide if I am better off to refinance an existing home loan that I have and consolidate my debts?
  • I have several investment properties held with more than one lender - can I restructure my investment property finance loan with one lender?